How to Hem by Hand

One of the easiest ways to get started repairing clothing is by hemming pants, skirts or whatever is too long to wear comfortably.

I went through my closet and realized that all of my all of my longer skirts were much too long and that the extra length was causing a lot of unnecessary clumsiness.

To hem a skirt or pants for that matter all you need is:
– a needle
– thread
– about 5 pins but less will work
& that is it!

  • Start by trying the item of clothing on and mark either with a pin the length you would like it to be.
  • If you need to cut off the existing hem, or trim a little bit off the end, do so, but **be really careful to not cut off more than you need.**
  • When hemming clothes, it is important to fold the edge of the fabric twice – that is, fold the clothing about an inch then fold over that once more – this way all the loose threads are contained and can’t unravel. (See picture)
  • With the hem folded twice go ahead and pin that section of the fabric. Go around the entire skirt (or pant leg) folding and pinning in the most even fashion possible.
  • Once all pinned take a look at the hem and make sure that this is the desired length and make the necessary corrections before sewing.

As for thread, I like to pick a contrasting or noticeable color. This is #visiblemending after all!

  • Now it is sewing time. Sew with whatever stitch you like/is easy for you. Or use a sewing machine, whatever! If sewing by hand the project may take a while but just remember all the hours & hours you will be comfortably wearing this clothing without tripping or having to roll or hike up the waistband.

As for the supplies, you probably already have all of the materials listed above at home. If you are in need, I have several sewing kits with pins, needles, thread, scissors, patches and more in the Etsy shop I am a part of. Or, click here to go directly to the listing.

Happy Mending!

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