Upcycling : from scraps to twine!

As I create sewing kits, mend, and make clothing, little bits of fabric begin to accumulate and I wanted to do something useful with them. And by little bits, I really do mean little, tiny bits. I have a bag or two of tiny strips of fabric and oddly shaped squares. At one point I used them as kindling for our wood stove but, this wasn’t a definitive solution by any means. That is when I came across a online tutorial on turning fabric scraps into fabric twine! And here is the result:

I had come across this DIY project a while ago and only recently got the motivation to start making the twine. To my surprise it was much easier than I had imagined and also quite fun. This is the kind of activity that is great for doing while listening to a long talk or podcast, or while sitting by the fire on a cold night. Once you get the hang of spinning, you can even carry on conversations while making this upcycled craft!

Although I am quite proud of my work, I think it is important to link directly to the crafter I learned from, Cintia of My Poppet Makes. Here is the link to the how-to video as well as the blog post.

I truly hope you find this project useful or inspirational. And if you are interested in acquiring a sewing kit as featured in the photo I have several available in the Calendula Etsy Shop.

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