Mending Tutorial :: How to Repair a Hole in Leggings

Leggings may be one of the most notorious items of fast fashion but, they don’t have to be!

By repairing clothing, and giving garments a longer life, we can keep out of the cycle of buy & die. Because, let’s be honest here: giving away clothes is no guarantee that they won’t end up in the trash. The only guarantee is to mend & upcycle the garment ourselves!

The key here is to patch a small hole before it grows & grows. Really this is an easy fix and I wanted to share how it is done with just a few basic sewing supplies.

In this tutorial I used a lighter grey patch and silver thread so that the steps would be visible and easy to follow. Here I went with a visible mending look but, you may want to use a matching color of patch & thread so that the mend goes unnoticed.

And it really is as simple as that! I hope this short tutorial was useful to you and I am working of a follow up tutorial which will be posted here soon!

Happy Mending, Chloe.

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