Mending Tutorial :: How to Fix a Ripped Belt Loop

Looking through my wardrobe I noticed a theme among my favorite pants. And so I decided to make a short tutorial on how to mend torn belt loops.

At first this isn’t a noticeable tear. But, with time a small hole will just grow & grow. Best to fix a little problem before it becomes even bigger. This mend took about 5 minutes in total and all I used was a patch of a similar weight to the garment (in this case jean), scissors, needle, and thread.

As you can see in one of the photos my mending kit came in handy for this project as I wasn’t at home when I made this tutorial. Most experience menders already have the tools they need to do such DIY projects. But, for those starting out a mending kit is super helpful. You can find one via the Calendula Craft EtsyCalendula Craft Etsy page.

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