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Welcome to the world of self published articles and hand sewn bindings!

As a millennial, I truly appreciate the ability to learn from internet tutorials and share my thoughts instantly via social media. But, there is something special about holding real books and DIY booklets in my hands as I read. Such little booklets are called zines, and Zine culture, far from being replaced by the rise of instant media and social media platforms, is experiencing a revival.

I have been making zines since high school. Many of these mini-publications made reside in a box under my bed and are too personal to share. But in recent years I have produced a quarterly zine to document my adventures in gardening and information about herbal medicine and crafting inspiration. Here are a few of the offerings I have available right now for purchase directly though this website.

The Pen Pal Zine Pack

— — — — — — —

Pen Pal Kit (Zine and Stationary)

– 1 Zine on herbalism and paper crafts – 2 pages of poppy stationary – 2 pages of ginkgo stationary – 2 calendula envelopes – a handwritten note from me <3 Includes shipping to *Any address* in North/Central/South America


Be sure to include your email and mailing address in your order!

Remember if you are in the United States you can access this zine and many other offerings on Etsy.

Alternatively you can email me at for crypto currency payment options.