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Hello! I am Chloe Calendula and welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share my work making zines, mending clothing, and creating other crafts with upcycled materials.

What are Zines?

Zines :: Are handmade, self published booklets and – unlike magazines and books – can be made by anyone with a message, a bit of artistic vision, and access to a printer. Zines also have the benefit of being as short or as long as the creator wishes and can cover any subject matter and be of any style, much unlike traditional publishing.

At the moment I have a few of my & my partner’s handmade publications for sale as well as butterfly prints and botanical stationary:

Why are Upcycling and Mending Important?

For those of us living on a small income, buying from sustainable fashion brands is often out of reach. I would like to point out that *buying new but ecological garments isn’t the only way to cultivate a slow fashion wardrobe*. Here are a few options for transforming *upcycling* your clothing, thus making fast fashion into slow fashion:

At some point, we must face the fact that a t-shirt is totally worn out and cannot be used for clothing any longer. In such cases here are a couple of crafts to utilize the fabric and other items from the scrap pile:

If mending and slow fashion are new to you and a tad bit overwhelming, I have created sewing kits in a variety of patterns that can help get you on the right path.

Mending Kits for Sale